Topical Bible presentations

Copies of our recent topical Bible talks can be obtained on request by emailing ( Talks are available on MP3, either emailed or downloaded through online file sharing, or CD.

Some of our topical Bible presentations are also available here.

Bible talks

Date Speaker Subject
14 December Matt Ward Are you ready for Christ’s return?
7 December Peter Owen Current events shoe the accuracy of the Bible
30 November John Dixon Understanding Bible words – Grace
23 November Leen Ritmeyer The future Kingdom of God – what will it be like?
16 November John Hart The future Kingdom of God – where will it be?
9 November David Smith You need to know there is a God who cares
2 November David Nicholls Objections considered – one Bible, many churches
26 October Roger Jackson Understanding Bible words: Holy Spirt
19 October Jeremy Morgan Genesis Flood – fact or fiction?
12 October Ben Brook (Hall Green) Is it enough to be a Good Person?
05 October Trefor Jenkins (Ammanford) The True Believer and the State
28 September Simon Evans Understanding Bible words: Resurrection
21 September Nick White (Pershore) The Truth about Jesus coming down from heaven
14 September Thomas Kitchen It matters what we Believe
07 September Stephen Palmer (Mumbles) The Bible   IS True
31 August Mark Leinster (Knowle and Dorridge) The Bible Truth about the Devil and Satan
24 August Keith Morgan Humanism – a concept without Hope
17 August Matthew Ward The Trinity – True or False?
10 August Tom McCarthy (Newport) The Truth about what happens to us when we die
03 August Sim Brook Objections considered – The Problem of Suffering
27 July Leen Ritmeyer The solution to the Middle East problem
20 July Tony Evans Understanding Bible Words: Faith
13 July Jon Davies (Watford) Evidence for the Existence of Jesus
06 July David Noakes (Peterborough) Resurrection: The Only Hope of Life after Death
29 June Simon Evans Objections considered – Has Science Buried God?
22 June Leen Ritmeyer Understanding Bible words – the Soul
15 June Jonathan Wallace (Bridgend) The Increase of Knowledge
8 June Sim Brook Objections considered – The Problem of Suffering
1 June Barry Dray (Shirley) God’s Coming Kingdom
25 May Matthew Ward Understanding Bible words: Sin
18 May Mike Lewis (Weston) What is the World coming to?
11 May Tim Archer Why does the Bible talk so much about Israel?
4 May   Understanding Bible words: Baptism
27 April Roger Long (Coventry Grosvenor Rd) There is no supernatural devil
20 April Sam Hawkes The Wonder of the Bible: a book for today
13 April Alf Alfree (Pershore) “In my Father’s House are many Abiding Places”- What did Jesus mean?
6 April Huw Jones The Wonder of the Bible: a book that interprets itself
30 March Huw Jones The Wonder of the Bible: a book that tells the Future
23 March Jon Bawdon (Downend) Lessons from Peter
16 March Jon Mellowes Understanding Bible words: Salvation
9 March Andrew Bramhill (Shirley) T B A
2 March Jeremy Morgan Understanding Bible words: Armageddon
23 February Andrew Johnson (Kings Norton) The Christadelphians – who are they?
16 February Tony Evans Objections considered – Does the Bible discriminate against Women?
9 February Stephen Palmer (Mumbles) Rediscovering the beliefs and practices of the first Christians is essential for salvation
2 February Sam Hawkes Why it is Important to Believe in Creation
26 January Dafydd Jenkins Do We still need the Old Testament?
19 January Matthew Ward God – Who is He and What does He Want?
12 January Tim Archer Should we worry about the Future?
5 January Alan Sutton (Mumbles) Jesus Christ – Humbled and Exalted