Learn to Read the Bible Effectively

UPDATE – our Learn to Read the Bible Effectively course has now finished. However, we will be starting a new course on the book of Genesis in the next couple of weeks, If you are interested in attending, email seminars@seekforbibletruth.org

An invitation to send for an exciting course starting in September 2017 in central Cardiff…


  • Learn at home
  • Study at your own pace
  • A carefully structured self study programme

Read our brochure here:  LTRBE Seminar brochure 2017

Follow this course, and learn to read the Bible effectively:

If you find reading the Bible difficult or frustrating at times, then this 10-week informative and attractively presented course is for you. The course aims to equip you with the skills required to understand Bible teachings for yourself and benefit from a new appreciation of the Bible. Whether you are already familiar with the Bible or are new to reading it, this course will provide you with plenty of information and the desire to begin reading it more effectively.

  • How to allow the Bible to interpret itself.
  • History and Chronology.
  • How to read carefully
  • Evidence that the Bible is not a work of fiction.
  • Who are the Jews, and why are they so important in the Bible?
  • An overview of each book of the Bible.
  • Why does God allow so much suffering in the world?
  • How to use a concordance and a lexicon
  • The use of cross references.
  • A simple reading plan to help you read all the Bible in a year

Four reasons why you should take the course…

Make your Bible study more productive with less time. If you claim to believe in God, you should understand His message yourself
Learn and fine tune skills which will allow you to read the Bible with a better understanding than before. Many people desire to learn, but early difficulties discourage and hinder progress. Take advantage of an opportunity to break free from the television. Enjoy time with the family, a partner or friend learning about the Bible at your own pace.

We Promise that…

You will never be asked for money, or to make donations of any kind (and we mean never!). No one will ever call you on the telephone (unless you ask) or in person. You have no obligation. No one will attempt to “convert”, “save” or pressure you.

Registration is easy:

  • Email us with your contact details
  • telephone us and leave a message registering your interest: 07926 718077