Sunday Service


Breaking of bread – 11 am

The Breaking of Bread service is our primary focus for meeting together each Sunday. It is a time for meditation and reflection. Hymns are sung, prayers are made and God’s word is expounded upon. The focal point of this service, called ‘the breaking of bread’ is modelled after the example found in the Bible where Jesus shared a last meal with his disciples before his crucifixion. While they were gathered together Jesus took bread, offered a prayer of thanks and divided it amongst the disciples. “This is my body,” he said, “do this as often as you meet together to remember me.” After the meal he took a cup of wine, offered a prayer of thanks and said, “this is the blood of the new covenant, shed for you – share it between you all.” The disciples understood that this meal is representative of Jesus’ sacrifice, burial and resurrection. After Jesus’ death, resurrection, and ascension to heaven the disciples met regularly on the first day of the week (Acts 20:7) and remembered Jesus in the way he commanded. Following this example, we meet each first day of the week, to remember and rededicate our lives to Jesus through the breaking of bread and reflection of his sacrifice.

Some of our recent exhortations are available on request here.