A little bit about us – true first century Christianity

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We meet regularly at Museum Place, Cardiff (Just around the corner from the National Museum of Wales)


All arrangements are God willing

A bit about us

Christadelphians are bound together by a common faith in the Gospel preached by Christ and his apostles in the first century and in anticipation of the nearness of his return.

The Bible was written under the inspiration of God’s Holy Spirit and “comparing scripture with scripture” is the method of determining what we believe.

The Bible gives effective direction to our lives. We try to rely fully upon God and develop a faith which is active in prayer and good works. At the same time, however, we recognise that salvation is by grace.

By reading God’s word, we learn how to please and obey him every day, striving to imitate Jesus Christ who faithfully obeyed his Father. We therefore endeavor to be enthusiastic in work, loyal in marriage, generous in giving, dedicated in preaching and happy in our faith.

We base our organisation and beliefs on the First Century church. Our community has no paid ministry because each congregation of the first century believers was led by a group of elders. We have no robes or elaborate ceremonies, nor have we any “head of the church” or legislative council. Our ecclesias (the New Testament word for ‘church’) organise their own affairs, though the pattern is similar everywhere. If some of the early followers of the apostles in the first century could attend our meetings, it is believed that they would immediately recognise what was going on, for it is patterned on New Testament worship. Like Jesus’ early disciples, we also proclaim his message of life to all willing to hear; we teach our children and young people in Sunday Schools and Youth Groups, and promote a life of faith and prayer, and obedience to Christ’s commands, among our members.

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